Medical director

Location: Shanghai/Shenzhen, China


Cooperate with the company's overseas clinical research and development team to design clinical programs, formulate, coordinate and be responsible for the research and development of the company's clinical projects in China, including:

1. Responsible for the organization, leadership and training of the medical department;
2. Responsible for the Company's China clinical project research and development strategy and project supervision and management;
3. Responsible for the clinical professional communication with clinical researchers.


1. Education requirements: PhD or above. Proficient in English listening, speaking, reading and writing,. Beable to adapt to all English office environment.
2. Professional requirements: clinical and medical related majors, liver disease and digestive system diseases are preferred.
3. Work experience: at least 5 years of medical-related work experience in clinical projects at pharmaceutical companies or CRO companies, responsible for at least 2 international multi-center clinical project experiences.
4. Competence:A strong leadership and execution ability is a MSUT. Having rich experience in clinical medicine and clinical research and development of new drugs. Being Able to work independently but with strong collective consciousness and excellent team spirit. Excellent problem solving ability, emergency plan management ability and excellent professional ethics;
5. Skill:
(1) Having rich knowledge and management experience in the pharmaceutical industry;
(2) Familiar with Drug Administration Law and New Drug Approval Measures , ICH-GCP, the whole process of drug research and development, the whole process of clinical trials, and the development and current situation of clinical research at home and abroad is a MUST;
(3)fully grasp of the knowledge of clinical trial management standards is a MUST and be able to carry out relevant training and quality control;
(4) Training and presentation skills at researchers' meetings is a MUST;
(5) Be able to independently consult relevant literature and write various reports in Chinese and English.
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