Liping Liu, PhD, MBA——Founder, CEO & CSO

Dr. Liping Liu is the founder, CEO and CSO of HighTide. Since the Company’s inception in 2011, Dr. Liu has led all aspects of HighTide’s operations, including fund raising (both equity and non-dilutive grants), and directing the research and development of HighTide’s drug programs for chronic liver diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, and metabolic disorders. 

Prior to HighTide, Dr. Liu held positions in several US biotech companies: Director of R&D, Stealth Biotherapeutics Inc., Head of Proteomics, ATCC; Senior Manager of R&D, MannKind Corp, and Director of Antigen Discovery, CTL Immuno Therapies Corp. She is a named inventor of an FDA approved diabetes drug and was involved with over 10 IND submissions and 100+ international patent applications and issuance. Through her extensive drug research and development experience, Dr. Liu formed insights and perspectives on the complex etiology and pathogenesis of chronic liver, gastrointestinal and metabolic diseases, which lead to her inspiration for founding HighTide. Dr. Liu founded HighTide with the initial backing of Hepalink — the world’s leading producer of heparin sodium API — which remains a strategic investor in HighTide. 

Dr. Liu received her doctoral degree in chemistry from Nankai University, completed post-doctoral training at the University of Toronto, and received an MBA from Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School.


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